Terms & Conditions of Trading
All orders placed indicate an acceptance of Totty Lowther Terms & Conditions of Trading.
Totty Lowther reserves the right to alter prices or to withdraw product from the range at any time without prior notice.

All cancellations of orders must be submitted to Totty Lowther in writing. Cancellations will not be accepted once the deposit has been received.

Wallpaper claims will take 72 hours to be addressed.
No claims for non-delivery, shortage, faulty goods, damage etc will be entertained unless submitted to Totty Lowther within 14 days of date of final invoice.
No claims of any kind will be accepted once the goods have been cut or processed

No returned goods will be accepted for credit unless previously agreed by Totty Lowther.
All goods are limited in liability for any fault or defect to the sum not exceeding the purchase price.This condition takes precedent over any third party terms of purchase.

Colour Matching
Due to the nature of wallpapers supplied, it is not always possible to obtain an exact colour match. Whilst we make every effort to ensure that colours correspond to our samples, slight variations may occur. Should you require a close colour match, we recommend that a stock cutting is requested and approved and then a reservation made for the appropriate batch and quantity of wallpaper.

Colour Fastness
Our parchment and grasscloth wallpapers are not guaranteed against colour fading.
Grasscloth is a natural wall covering and can be affected by sunlight